Welcome to my advice page! Kitties, do you need advice on how to be the master or how to be a spoiled kitty? Send an email to Sassy ! I will post all responses here (email addresses are kept confidential unless you state otherwise).

Dear Sassy,

I need help! My kitty is so spoiled, she thinks she runs the house. I'm a kitty slave!

Love, Kitty Slave

Dear Slave,

Real cute, Meowmie! And I do run the house. Now please rub me!

Purrs and Kitty Kisses,


Dear Sassy,

Where can I find a kitty just like you?

Love, Meowmaw

Meows and nose kisses Meowmaw! You can come visit me lots and share me. I have enough love fur everyone.

Purrs and headboinks, Sassy

Dear Sassy.
I met this really nice kitty that I would like to be wink-winks with. I'm afraid he only thinks of me as a friend though. What should I do?

Signed, Broken Hearted

Dear Broken Hearted,

I would ask the kitty how he feels about mew. Be honest and tell him how mew feel. It could turn out that he feels the same way. And if not, mew can still be friends.

Purrs, Sassy

Hello. I'm hoping you can find me solution. I have a 10 month old Siamese kitten. She is fixed and declawed. For some reason she likes to go to the bathroom on the bed and blankets. She has done this since I brought her home. I asked the vet for a solution, they told me that she was coming into heat and I should get her fixed. Well, I did and she still continues to do so.We have locked her out of our bedroom and gave away our other bed. It is not so much of urinating anymore as is pooping. change her kitty litter often because I know how fussy cats can be. I don't know what to do, I am at the point of getting rid of her. Is she doing this to get my attention?? I have owned several cats but never a Siamese. Do you have any suggestions for me before I have to give her up??
Thank You,
Concerned in NY


Dear Concerned,
I have several suggestions for you, but first I need to ask you a question. Has your vet checked for any medical problems that might be causing this? If not, that would be my first suggestion as this can be a symptom of several illnesses. Two of the most common reasons for this are the placement of the litterbox and the types of litter your using. As for placement, the littlerbox should be placed somewhere private where the kitten won't be disturbed. Kitties are also master escape artists and always need more than one way to run incase of problems, so the litterbox should be placed where there are at least 2 ways the cat can run if they feel they need to. As for the type of litter, cats are extremely picky! I personally will only use 1 type of litter and if meowmie buys a different brand...I go on the floor :) You might also make sure you get the smell out anything the kitty uses...there are several products available at the pet store. I hope this has helped.
Purrs, Sassy

Dear Sassy,
I recently got my Gabby, a little brother, both which are Siamese. Gabby is freaking out she hisses, growls, doesn't let me give her love, and I think she really hates him. I've kept him in my guest room with the door open so he can come out. He's absolutely adorable. HOW DO I HAVE GABBY LOVE HIM? HOW LONG WILL I HAVE TO HAVE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS UNTIL THEY GET ALONG. He comes from the same father but different mother. He gets along with all his family members at the breeders. They cleaned him and loved him. But he came here and his evil step sister hate him. HELP
Gabby's Mom


Mews Gabby's Mom,
I know exactly how you feel! My mom also brought a kitten in that I growl and hiss at. It takes quite a while for these feelings to go away. Siamese are known to be pretty territorial also. Gabby probably doesn't hate the new kitten, she just can't understand why this new kitten is in her territory and taking the human attention away from her. The best way to help is to make sure that each has their own food dish and litterboxes and to be sure to give Gabby lots of extra attention. Doing this reduces reasons to fight over. Also, only step in when necessary...otherwise Gabby or the new kitten might feel like you like the other better and are protecting them (another reason to fight). I know it's hard but just give it time. They may never become friends but will learn to tolerate each other. Let me know how it goes.
Purrs, Sassy