Since we decided to re-design the site, we thought we'd offer all new awards too :) Just fill
out the simple form at the bottom! To see our award winner, click

We love to give away awards, so they are pretty easy to win. We do have a few restrictions though.

1. Your site can be about anything, the only exception is that you must have a cat site to
apply for the Top Cat Site award :)

2. The most important is that you can NOT apply if you have an adult site! Your site should be
viewable to kitties and humans of all ages!

3. Your site should contain some content, of no particular kind. What this means is that you must
have something other than links.

4. This is not a requirement, but, I would appreciate it if you would sign the guestbook. We will
give you the same consideration whether you sign the guestbook or not though :)

Pretty painless, huh? That's it! If you qualify, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Here are the awards:

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