Welcome to my Kitty Crafts page! I'll be adding these as I find them or come up with ideas (and try them of course). If you have any suggestions just
email me. Also, please let me know if you make any of these and how they turned out. Remember the most important rule here...Have Fun!!!

Kitty Pillow:

You'll need -

kitty fur (you can get this is when you brush your kitty or fur they have shed)
fabric in your choice of colors and designs, cut in squares (I used 8x8 squares for mine but you can make this in any size)
needle and thread or sewing machine
Directions -

Cut out your squares to the desired size
Sew them together, leaving a small opening to stuff the pillow
Stuff the pillow with the kitty fur
Sew up the small opening
That's it! This is a great craft to make and if the unfortunate should happen, you will always have part of your kitty to keep with you and comfort you. I also love laying on mine since they already have my scent on them, they are furry comfortable!