Aren't a cat's ears adorable? Meowmie love my ears and I love being petted behind them! Cats have exceptional ears! But what do your cat's ears tell you? How do they talk with their ears? I'll explain that now.

Relaxed and Alert Ears:

Relaxed but alert ears will move calmly but determinedly around an area, gauging sound, direction, and meaning.

Submissive or Fearful Ears:

These are usually pulled back, laying flat against the head. They are in the perfect position to let others know that this kitty is about to give in. During fights, cats often pull their ears back to avoid injury to these delicate and very very important organs.

Aggressive Ears:

Aggressive ears are indicated by a slight rotation. The ears are in a normal position, but faces forward. The ears look like the wings of an airplane, ready for fight or flight! You may notice that a lot of cats assume this position while playing. I know I do! That just means that we are intent on catching the toys.

Emotional Ears:

Any emotional extreme will cause a cat's ear to twitch. This action indicates that a cat is very happy, frightened, or aggressive. It all depends on the circumstances.

Sick Ears:

Cats that are sick will pull back their ears to show discomfort. If your cat's ears are persistently in the pulled back position, consult your veterinarian.