Meows! On this page you can find out what exactly your kitty is saying to you through his/her eyes. My meowmie always tells me that the eyes are a window to the soul. No matter if a human or a feline, if you watch the eyes closely, you'll be able to tell what's coming next. She also tells me that the eyes can never learn to lie. So I figured this might be a very important topic! I hope it helps you.

Here are some very interesting facts about a cat's eyes:

If your cat is hungry, their pupils will dilate up to 5 times their normal size when they see their food bowl...even if it's empty!

They will also appear to be as big black pools when your cat is frightened or threatened.

You can actually tell the time of day by watching a cat's eyes. They dilate and contract according to the sun's strength.

If a cat closes her eyes for protection during a fight, the other animal perceives this as defeat and will usually walk away.

Wide - Opened Eyes:

Wide - opened eyes mean that a kitty is obviously awake and raring to go. If there is a glint in your cat's eyes, it means that he/she's also up to some mischief or another! That certain sparkle all cat owners have observed in their playful felines could also signal one of those "crazy" moods where they race through the house at lightening speed, knock over everything in their path, jump furniture, and act like maniacs! Isn't it adorable? When I get in these moods, my eyes look like a blazing blue fire. Meowmie says I fly instead of run while in those moods! Aren't humans so silly?

Half - Closed Eyes:

Half - closed eyes mean that your pet is relaxed and ready to nap. I know, we're always ready to nap!!! If he/she is settled comfortably on a human lap, you can be assured that in just a few minutes those eyes will close and he/she'll be in dreamland! But, be aware that half closed eyes can also indicate a problem. If your cat has half - closed eyes while he/she is wide awake, it may be a sign of an infection or illness, and you should take a closer look right away. Wait a day or so and then if it isn't cleared up, consult your veterinarian. You should be able to tell what the half - closed eyes are telling you by simply observing.

Closed Eyes:

Closed eyes obviously mean that the time has come for a nap! If your cat feels comfortable enough to sleep on you or by you...feel very honored! It means he/she is absolutely comfortable in your company and trusts you completely. You should be congratulated for being such a good pet owner. I'll do that now....Concatulations!!! You have built up a terrific sense of trust and respect with your cat. Very well done!

Eyes Closed and Snoring:

Snoring with closed eyes only occurs when cat are totally and completely relaxed. I do this a lot. Sometimes, I get my Daddy in trouble cause Meowmie thinks it's him...tee hee! This is yet another sign that your kitty loves you to let his/her guard down.

Dilated and Enlarged Pupils:

These both mean indicate impending aggression. Do not approach the cat when his/her pupils are shut down, with mere slits showing - the body language says, "I'm ready for you!" Of course, a cat's pupils may contract in very bright sunlight, to control the amount of light the eye receives, and that's a different thing all together. Use your common sense and good judgment to make sure of what your cat is saying with his/her eyes.