Here you will learn what foods are dangerous to cats and what "people" food is safe for them to eat.

1. Chocolate. As little as one 16-ounce candy bar can kill a cat. The darker and more bitter the chocolate, the more dangerous.
2. Milk or cream can be dangerous for cats, who can't digest dairy products properly.
3. Avoid cheese for the same reason as above.
4. Uncooked bread dough can cause gastric bloating and severe intoxication - and a visit to the vet.
5. Baby food doesn't meet a cat's nutritional needs and may contain anemia-causing onion powder.
6. A tiny amount of onion can be added to cat foods for flavor, but large amounts of onion can harm your cat's red blood cells.
7. Cooked goldfish is a no-no.
8. Raw fish in large quantities can cause vitamin deficiencies.
9. Cooked fish can contain toxins from polluted waters and should only be given rarely.
10. People, tuna is not a balanced diet for cats (no matter what your kitty tells you!).
11. Fish bones are more dangerous to cats than any other bones.
12. Avoid turkey and chicken bones unless cooked in a pressure cooker.
13. Avoid table scraps.
14. Raw or undercooked eggs contain salmonella.
15. Avoid raw liver.
16. Seasonings and preservatives: fur-get about them.
17. Fats, salt, sugar - the same things you shouldn't eat - can cause obesity, tooth decay, and digestive problems in cats.
18. A vegetarian diet is not for cats. They are carnivores.
19. Avoid coffee, cola, tea, and other caffeinated foods.
20. Don't give dog food to cats.

Here are some "people" foods your cat can safely eat, in addition to their regular diet.
1. Plain boiled meat or chicken (no bones)
2. A little yogurt
3. Air-popped popcorn (no butter or oil)
4. Boiled or scrambled eggs - well done
5. Boiled vegetables (only a tiny amount)
6. Cooked liver - as a rare treat