Hi everyone! Sassy and Shadow have graciously allowed me to have a page on their site to tell you all a little about myself (Sassy and Shadow: We were bribed!).

Age: 29 years

Astrology Sign: Leo

Marital Status: Happily married for 10 years as of April 19th, 2000

Children: Just 2 spoiled kitties

Occupation: Sassy and Shadow's servant

Hobbies: Sassy, Shadow, collecting Precious Moments and Tender Tails (Precious Moments beanie babies), animals...especially cats, cross stitching, reading, crafts, playing on the internet, cooking and baking, and making graphics

As you can see, I spend most of my time typing for and catering to Sassy and Shadow :) But, I wouldn't have it any other way! They are completely spoiled, as all animals should be! Enjoy your visit to Sassy and Shadow's site and check back often for updates.