This page will answer the question, "Why do cats feel compelled to bring home dead mice?".

As with any hunter, returning with the reward from the hunt is your cat's way of proudly bring you home a present. Accept this gift gracefully, even if it makes you cringe. At least he/she doesn't expect you to eat it!!! Yuck! Just exactly why they do this isn't known for sure. In the wild, big cats do it as a social gesture. Perhaps they prefer to eat it in the safety of their den where chances of theft are slim. House cats present prey to their owners in an effort to introduce them to the concept of hunting. Isn't that sweet? Consider a huge compliment and throw it out. Be sure the cat doesn't see you doing this or it will hurt their feeling and they probably will not bring you any more presents. I know you saying, "Good! Yucky old mouse.". However, this is one way our cats show us their love and you wouldn't want to ruin that would you? Indoor cats don't have the ability to bring home hunting rewards, so they will use catnip mice and toys instead. I bring my meowmie catnip mice, balls, and other toys when she's feeling bad. She always tells me how much it helped her feel better!