Would all of you kitties like to have a email buddy? This is the place to get one! To be a purr pal, send an email to Sassy listing you name, hobbies, nicknames, etc...! I'll start.

Name: Sassy

Nicknames: (How embarrassing) Snuggles, Cuddle Bug, Spoiled Brat, and Psycho Kitty

Hobbies: Sleeping, playing, attacking humans, snuggling and cuddling, eating, and watching birds

Email: Sassy

Description: Seal Point Siamese

Name: Fonzi

Nicknames: Fonziboo, Fonzibonzi, Fonzipillar, Fonz, Fluffyboogle,

Hobbies: sleeping, catching leaves, playing outside, avoiding getting
by my meowmie, being with friends, and eating.

Email: Fonzi

Description: fuzzy and orange

Name: Pong

Nicknames: Pongy, Pongy-Pooh, sweet face, little blue, baby boy. (oh
how embarwassing!)

Hobbies: Chasing Ping, chasing Sugar, trying to answer the phone and figure out what the noise is!

Email: Pong

Description: Blue Point Siamese