Thanks for stopping in to learn more about me! Here is a small picture of me:

Aren't I adorable?

Well, as you know my name is Sassy :) I'm a Seal Point Traditional (also called apple-head) Siamese kitty and I'll be four years old in December. I live in Indiana with meowmie, paw, grand-paw, and my sister Shadow. My favorite things to do are playing with my feather on a stick, catnapping, cuddling, snuggling, watching the critters outside, eating, hissing at Shadow, and getting lots of attention from my humans. I'm very spoiled and extremely pampered, as all kitties should be! My humans tend to my every whim!

Life hasn't always been this way for me though. I had a rough start in life. I was weaned from my fur-meowmie very early and went to live with some humans and their children who abused me. I was kicked, slapped, starved, locked in a tiny room, almost drowned, and much much more. These people were going to take me out to the country in a trash bag and drop me off. But luckily my Meowmie wanted me. Actually she threw a fit and took me home with her. If you ever find an animal or human in a situation like this, I encourage you to report it to the proper authorities!

My first few days here were very busy and very scary. First we went to the vet, I was afraid of him then but now he's my friend. Meowmie had them spay me and get rid of my fleas, ear mites, and pink eye. Boy did I feel better! I was only 3 pounds (at a year old!) so Meowmie bought lots of good food. I actually got fed! Everyday, which was a big treat for me! Meowmie also had to teach me how to play and attack (which was funny to watch) since I hadn't had the opportunity before. That was fun! After a while I finally trusted Meowmie, Paw, and Grand Paw but not strangers. I'm always afraid they will take me away.

I soon learned the tricks to having my humans wrapped around my little paw (and I will teach all of you!). They sure do have some strange habits though! For instance, can you believe my humans actually sit in that big scary tub thing? With water in it even! They are so silly, but I love them and am trying to teach them the right way to do things!

Then, meowmie brought this little black terror home and named her Shadow. Meowmie explained to me that this was my new sister. But I didn't ask for a sister! I liked being the only kitty. However, the little brat is growing on me *grin*. I'm now trying to teach her how to be a respectable cat and have had moderate success with this :) Okay, she's actually very cute and lovable...oh, but please don't tell her I said that! She would think that I was softening *smile*.

Enjoy the rest of the site.

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