Welcome to my Ailurophilia Page! Ailurophilia is a fairly new club for kitties (sorry, no humans) on the 'net. Queen Cagney and Prince Jinx are the rulers of the land of Ailurophilia! There are many things to do in Ailurophilia. You can join groups, mew on the meowing board, go to parties, meet new friends, ect. It's an awesome club! Click here to see my
Groups Page and to check out my activities!

Here is my membership card, click on it to visit Ailurophilia:

I am a proud Handmaiden of Ailurophilia as of July 2000!

I lead the Ailurophilia Diary Society and co-lead the Fuzzy Kitties Association. Queen Cagney and Prince Jinx gave me this award at the July 2000 Award Ceremony:

I was very surprised to win this award at the July Award Ceremony: