Mews everyone! This page is about me and my wink-wink, Bandit! A wink-wink is a boyfriend or girlfriend in humanese :) We met in Ailurophilia and became wink-winks.

Here is a picture of the love of my life:

Isn't he the most catsome kitten you've ever seen? Oh mew, I'm so lucky!

He is not only very catsome, but also very talented! Here is a beautiful poem he wrote for me:

"When mew Fall In Luff"

When Mew Fall in Luff I want mew to fall in luff wif
When Mew fall in luff I want mew to realize that I
will always take care of mew and never let anything

When mew fall in luff I want mew to have a tingling
feeling inside.
When mew fall in luff I want it to be 100% pure like
the finest rose there ever was.

When mew fall in lufff no matter who it is with I hope
mew are happy...
because I am in luff with mew and I am happy.

Here is another wonderful poem he wrote for me:

Sweet as can be
Her beauty shines through
An awsome smile
Dances purrfectly
On my mind always
Won my heart instantly

Bandit also made me a lovely wink-wink award:

Looky, my wonderful Bandy made me a cake! Isn't he the sweetest?!

I'll be adding more soon :)

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