One of the best things about The Cat's Meow Club is their Kittengarden and University! They have classes on all kinds of things, like human understanding, feline sciences, law, and much more. I've been working very hard on my Kittengarden classes and am preparing for my final exam. I'm very excited about becoming an educated kitty. I want a long list of degrees like Sassy has...that's my goal!

Here is a certificate I got for completing the All About Vets class at Kittengarden:

It was a really fun class and I learned alot about the vet! It was taught by the Dean of the Kittengarden, Jessie!

Guess what?! I passed my Kittengarden exam! I'll receive my diploma at the first graduation!

I'll be adding more soon :)

My background set is a Sassy original! Isn't it cute?