Here is lesson 02 for cats who want to be Spoiled Kitties! These are all games for you to play and are all furry fun!

1. Snoring is not a talent unique to humans. If the cat is sharing the bed with 2 humans, the well skilled cat can cause one of the humans to be blamed, swatted, smacked or kicked by the other human! This is a good revenge tactic when they haven't paid you enough attention.

2. If you are allowed outside, never use the cat door! There's a purrfectly good front door that the humans can open. Why should we squeeze our chubby bodies into a little door? A fun game is seeing how many times they will actually open and close the door for you!

3. A great game to play while the humans are sleeping and it is called the bed mouse! Humans will tell you that the things moving under the blanket are just their arms, legs, and feet. This is not true! These are bed mice and they are the most delicious type of mouse, although only a few cats have mastered this game and caught them. Be sure to apply the "bite of death" as often as possible!

4. Another great game is tag. This requires two or more kitties. Some dogs can play but they generally aren't smart enough to get it. One kitty will be it and will chase the other kitties through the house as fast as possible. They first kitty that is tagged, smacked, or attacked becomes it! This one is great to play in the middle of the night while humans are sleeping. Also, don't worry about knocking things over, the humans will pick them up later.

5. Here's another wonderful game called the tube mouse! Inside the human litterbox there is a roll of soft paper that spins. Inside this paper is the tube mouse! When you place your paws on the paper the tube mouse will run, causing the paper to spin. You must catch the tube mouse! Once the tube mouse is exposed and stops spinning, you can play with the paper by shredding it. Be warned though, this game makes the human mad and they pull out the "Kitty Eater (vacuum)"!

6. Another fun game is while running through the house at top speed to be sure to drag your claws across floors and furniture. Humans love you "claw prints"! If you live with other kitties or dogs, try to get them blamed by pretending to be asleep when the human walks in. When you pretend to wake up (by the yelling of the human), look disapprovingly at the other cat!

7. Another great game to teach your humans is called the Cutain Monster! Go to a curtain that reaches the floor and demand that the human through a catnip mouse or ball toward you. Hold still as long as possible, letting them think you aren't going to pounce. When the human reaches for the toy to throw it again, attck the mouse or ball and kill it! The best part of this game is seeing the human's expression!

8. Another fun game is Curtain Climbing. Pretend you fell in a hole and a big mean dog is down there. You see a rope (the curtain) and must climb to the top as quickly as possible to avoid getting eaten!

9. Humans spend far too much time on the telephone! However there is a fun game for you to play with this telephone thing. Telephones have lots of buttons, look for the one that says "Speaker Phone". Next place your paws on all of the other buttons. If you do this correctly, someone will talk to you from the speaker! Be polite and meow back as much as possible!

10. More bed mouse games. Humans feel the need to change the sheets on the beds weekly. This is a great time to search for bed mice! The human will gernerally shake the sheet toward the head of the bed. It is very important that you attack it by jumping straight up and land on the sheet while it floats! This ensures that the bed mice stay under the covers. When you see a small lump, that a bed mice and you must try to catch it! The silly humans may try to toss you out of the bedroom but you must keep returning.

11. Strings that dangle also make excellent toys. Some examples are shoelaces, cords, gold chains, dental floss, rubber bands, and purse strings. Be sure to attack them whenever you see one dangling!

12. Sometimes while we are playing, our toys go under the rugs. Once they do they magically transform into Rug Mice! These are almost as good as bed mice and caught almost as rarely. Remember to use the "bite of death"!

13. Once more mouse I should tell you about is the Bag Mouse. They hide in all types of bags, such as grocery bags, bookbags, and overnight bags. These also are very tasty and should be hunted regularly!