Meows! I'm glad to see that you are still with me. Isn't it amazing how much you can learn from a cat's tail? Here we will have some important tail tips. Enjoy!

Each movement of a cat's tail sends out a signal that humans can decode.

A tail that is slightly raised and softly curved indicates that the cat is becoming interested in something. When you are training your cat (Yeah right...he he!) you'll know if he/she is catching on by watching his/her tail.

A tail that is held very erect but with the tip tilting over shows that the cat is curious, but has certain reservations. He/She's somewhat puzzled.

A tail that is fully erect, with the tip stiffly vertical, shows an intense greeting signal, with no reservations. It's a delight to see in adult cats. It starts in kittenhood when it is the kitten's instinctive greeting for his/her mother. This should be taken as a wonderful compliment!

When the tail is held still but with the tip twitching, it means that the cat is mildly irritated. If the tip twitching becomes more pronounced - watch out! This cat is getting angry.

When a female cat holds her tail over to one side, she's in heat.

When the tail is arched and bristled, the cat is in defensive mode and is preparing to respond to a threat or attack. This again is a strong signal of potential danger. If the cat continues to feel provoked, an attack will follow.