Wow! We cats can really talk can't we? I'm even amazed...and I'm a cat! Here I will explain what we say with our mouths (besides meowing of course) and our whiskers. However, the whiskers part won't tell you why we love to tickle you with them. We have to keep some secrets....tee hee!

A Cat's Mouth:

A cat's mouth does more than meow. When kitty is relaxed, the mouth is also relaxed. The lips are held in a normal position. However, an aggressive cat will display curled lips and an opened - mouth posture as part of the package designed to scare off any potential attackers! It is difficult to forget just how ominous a sight this is. A curled lip should always be taken seriously!


Whiskers on a happy little kitty extend straight out and seem to reflect that inner contentment. Watch out for whiskers that are either pulled back tight along the face or bristling around the cheek area. This is a very clear indication that kitty is not a happy camper! Whiskers can also be a barometer for your cat's health. If the whiskers remain in an abnormal position for a prolonged amount of time, consult your veterinarian.