Good Kitty/Positive Reinforcement:

Welcome! This is just a refresher on positive reinforcement. Always remember to lavish praise, hugs, belly rubs, and nose kisses on your kitty during all of the training sessions. Cats love to be scratched, petted, and cuddled very much. Praising your cat for a job well done with lots of hugs and cuddles is far better than, and better for them, than snack treats. Don't misunderstand me though, snack treats are also a wonderful form of praise, but they do have lots of draw backs. The first, and most obvious, is that too many treats for cats - just like humans - mean weight gain. Weight gain is a threat to good health, and no one wants that to happen. The second reason is that you may need to issue a command to save your pet's life at a crucial moment, and if there isn't a treat to tempt them, he/she may not obey. That could be a tragedy. So as you can see, affection is the best reward, though treats always have an important place in kitty's life.