Why are cats so tough to train?

Training is for the dogs! No self-respecting cat would be caught dead playing dead! Okay, I'll stop with the puns...even if they are funny. Even if your feline friend won't jump through hoops, consider yourself fortunate, at least they use the litter box! Actually, cats aren't that hard to train. They just refuse to perform for a pat on the head. They're rather indifferent to the whole training process, and learn tricks only when they want to. Because they are not renowned for their obedience, we think they're defiant. However, if there's something in it for them, no problem!

Cats learn by association. Consider your cat's carrier, for example. Your cat associates it with a trip to the vet. All you have to do is get the carrier out and he/she vanishes better than the rabbits in a magic show!

As with all animals, coaxing them includes love, patience, consistency, authority, repetition, and reward. NEVER punish your pet for not "getting it"! This is very important, not only because it would be wrong, but because your cat will associate training as punishment and will never do what you want.

Here are some pages of training to help you along. I, myself, am trained at most of these. It may take a while but the results will be favorable. Once again, please do not punish your pet during training! That is so important and I can't stress it enough.

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Here is the list:

Collar Training

Come, Kitty Command

Sit Command

Stay Command

Good Kitty

Refresher of the Rules