Okay, has kitty learned the commands? Good! Here is just a refresher list of the rules of training kitties. You've done very well!

1. By observing, learn to understand what your cat is saying in different situations. Learn to read your cat's body language. Learn to decipher the noises and sounds you kitty makes. And, most important of all, learn how to recognize when your kitty is relaxed, tense or frightened. There is absolutely no use at all in trying to train a frightened and unreceptive kitty. To learn all about cat's body signals, noises, and so forth, click here.

2. Be calm and patient. Rome wasn't built in a day and a cat certainly won't be trained in a flick of their tails! Don't lock yourself into a timetable. Be flexible! It will be a much more enjoyable experience for you and for kitty. If it takes another week or so for your kitty to learn how to sit, who cares? You've got many years ahead of you to enjoy being with your kitty. Why not make it enjoyable for both of you.

3. Use a special voice to train kitty. Remember that cat's have a greater hearing range for higher sounds, so talk to kitty using the high end of your voice range. Make your voice sweet and caring but firm. Emphasize and stretch out the command words by drawing out the vowels and attacking the consonants. Use kitty's name only when issuing the "Come" command.

4. Reward with praise the most, and occasionally with treats for each and every good performance. This also includes when you know kitty is really trying, but just doesn't "get it" yet. Always reward for trying! A simple pet, a scratch behind the ears, or a wonderful nose kiss (yes, most kitties love this) is a great way to reward your pet.

5. Most important....repeat, repeat, and repeat! It is difficult to overemphasize the importance of repetition in training, and it is crucial not only during the initial training period, but also in the daily reinforcement of the commands. You must keep the commands fresh in kitty's mind.

You want to have your cat so conditioned to respond to the commands that they react automatically, almost without thinking. But you must also remember that cats are very intelligent and finicky, who just might fool you just when you think you have a certain command down pat. And it's really not a simple memory lapse on kitty's part. It's simply his/her way of letting you know who really is the boss!!!