Sit Command:

Me and meowmie use this command as a fun game. She will hold a treat in one hand and command me to sit. Then I get to pick which hand holds the treat!

--Note from Meowmie: Don't tell Sassy and Shadow, but both hands have treats in them.--

First of all, kneel along side your cat, turning your face towards him/her. Using the hand closest to their neck, place one or two fingers under their collar. Now place the other hand under his/her tush at the knee joint and gently tuck in the rear, adjusting her body into a sitting position.

At the same time - but very gently - lift the collar slightly upward. Say "Sit" as you perform these two moves simultaneously. Make extra sure that you do not jerk or frighten the kitty! Smoothly push the rear end down and under while pulling, gently, the collar upward. This motion helps your cat understand what is required and the general direction in which you want the movement to take place.

When you say "Sit", emphasize the T. This gives your kitty a firm handle on this special word. Do not use your cat's name at the same time as you use them command. This may confuse or excite the cat into jumping up rather than sitting still. Instead, keep the training sessions limited to the "Sit" command. Speak gently and softly. Do not become upset if your cat refuses to perform. Try again later. And don't forget to give them lots of praise when they get it right! Your little student loves to know she's done well and that you love her!