Thanks for stopping in! I update regularly, so please check back often :)

11/27/00 - The Sassy and Shadow's (New) CLAW pages have been updated with new groups added. Shadow's Diary has a new entry.

11/2/00 - Most of the club pages have been updated. Added new club pages, Sassy's New CLAW Page and Shadow's CLAW Page, as CLAW is reopening!. Also added Meet Our Friend Oliver Page. Sassy's Journal and Shadow's Diary has been updated with new entries. Added new awards page.

9/24/00 - We've updated many of our club pages today, both The Cat's Meow Club and Ailurophilia groups. Added a new award, added new party souvenirs, add new entry in Shadow's Diary, and added new entry in Sassy's Journal. Also, all of the awards for you to apply for are new, so feel free to apply even if you had won one of the previous awards :)

9/20/00 - Many of our group pages have been updated, both The Cat's Meow Club and Ailurophilia groups :)

9/16/00 - Updated Shadow's Cat's Meow Groups Page. Will be adding more updated this afternoon :)

9/03/00 - The entire site is being redecorated and sorted out. Everything is new! We've been having lots of uploading problems but hopefully they are fixed now *crosses paws* :) Please let us know what you think of the "new" site!